Renovations, Restorations and
Additional Inscriptions

P Molloy & Sons offer a wide range of services in relation to maintenance.

Headstones and Monument Restoration & Inscriptions

P. Molloy & Sons have vast experience in cleaning and restoring all types of headstones and monuments. We can restore even the oldest of headstones back to its original state. We can restore each monument in position and only in extreme cases will we have to remove the stone to do the work. We can also add additional inscriptions to your stone in position.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We offer a number of services to assist you with the cleaning of Graves, Headstones and Memorial Monuments and all types of maintenance in general. We provide a maintenance service in which we will maintain your family plot when you are not in a position to do so. We will maintain and clean the grave on a regular basis to keep it in pristine condition all of the time.